FAQ - Getting Started


TIPS & TRICKS for better streaming...

First of all, welcome.  This is YOUR channel.  You guys helped make this happen.

We're still in BETA mode.  We'll be fine-tuning over the next few months to bring you awesome content and create a cool experience where you can get the best of "growing in the know" and just hanging out - whether with our guests or chatting it up with others in our online chat.


INTERACTIVE CHAT - Download the free ChatWing App

We encourage you to set up a ChatWing account. 

You can link a Facebook profile, a Google+ Profile, or just create an account directly with ChatWing.

The benefit is that you only have to do it once to keep your account live on our site, and you get the added bonus of uploading pictures (we covered that for you when we signed up - so it's free to anyone who signs up here).

Get ChatWing Here....


Can't See the Chat/Text Too Small - Adjust the text Size

You're not the only one.  Haha.

No worries.  On your mobile, just pinch the screen up.

On your desktop, for Windows, Press and Hold "CTRL" and "+" to zoom in and Press and Hold "CTRL" and "-" to zoom out.


Video Interruption - Losing the Stream - Can't see the Picture

We're working on this and it is getting better. 

First, refresh your screen.  With Windows, you can do that by hitting the "F5" key.  On a MAC, simply refresh the page.  On a mobile device, pull the screen down or click on the page link again.

You can also try tapping the PLAY [ ▶ ] button if it re-appears on screen.

Also, click the gear icon at lower right and make sure that "AUTO" is selected.

Finally, getting closer to the point of your router can help.

We know this is important and while we're broadcasting live, we're working behind the scenes to work out our broadcast bugs so that everyone can enjoy the show.