Hawai'i Big Island Smoke Sesh

with Sowing 420 Seeds


We met our subscriber and friend Sowing420Seeds in his corner of paradise on the big island of Hawai'i.

He showed me around the garden and shared his Girl Scout Cookies x Pineapple Express flower with me in a joint that elevated the drive to the airport, even before the flight took off.

A big tip of the hat and Mahalo to Sowing, it is really a great thing to be bound by nothing more, initially, than the love of cannabis.

On this brief vacation, I was able to meet up with Sowing and Craig Pollard and his wife, subscribers and friends to the channel, involved in the medical cannabis industry in the State of Hawaii and on the big Island of Hawaii.

Also re-connected with friends from the NYC days. Highly unlikely that I would have met or reconnected with any of them in any other manner or with any other connection than cannabis. Its all love. Mahalo.