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Life’s a trip. Make the best of it.

You have needs - and we’re the vehicle to help you make it happen. We’re all things growing, learning, education, and of course, entertainment.

Welcome to Uptown Growlab LIVE!

You’ll find our exclusive content all in one place. Videos, Interviews, On-Location Broadcasts, and of course, our LIVE! Streaming show. Everything cannabis-related is right here.

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Travel with Uptown Growlab LIVE! We’ll take you places you’ve never been, show you how to do things you’ve always wanted to learn to do, and have fun along the way.




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We make it all about you…

The arrival board above is just one of many customized pieces of art featuring the names, screen names, or chat names of our fans. Share our site, tune in during the show, invite your friends, and watch for your name to show up in our content. Did we mention we even create custom personalized emoticons? 

We LOVE our fans.

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Most Popular “How-To" videos

Featured Video: On Location

We Visit Wave Edibles Cannabis Infused Chocolate Maker

Jay tries his hand at making gourmet chocolates at Wave Edibles Seattle.

Jay tries his hand at making gourmet chocolates at Wave Edibles Seattle.

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 Our Featured New Videos


Fresh Uploads and New Content

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Special Guests and Memorable People


In our PTSD Series….

We feature Carlos Mullen.

Carlos will appeared on the show Tuesday, October 16, 2018. He also appeared in a video as we smoked some Lemon Meringue cannabis extract from Freddy’s Fuego.

Carlos shares the details of a powerful story. He’s a unique person who knows all too well that PTSD after life in the military can be like.

Carlos Mullen v3 [PS] PTSD and Cannabis Uptown Growlab Special Guest 16 OCT 2018 SHOW 15 OCT 2018.jpg

A real hero…

Carlos credits cannabis for literally making his life manageable. An infantryman, U.S. Army veteran he suffered life-threatening injuries while on tour in Afghanistan in 2010. Honorably discharged in 2014 following nearly three years of Army rehabilitation. Carlos left the service hooked on prescription pills and alcohol…until a friend suggested he try cannabis instead. He has been on KIRO as well Fox an friends after he brought a 6 year old back after drowning. Adopted at 4 he is about to share his unique experiences as a victim in the war on drugs.

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Genetics: Uptown Growlab Seeds in Review


Want to learn how to grow your own cannabis? We’ll teach you everything you know.

We’ve been at this for quite a while so we’ve put together a review of seeds from some strains we love. Each of the videos in our reviews will display a link where you can contact us, and we’ll help you find a seed from a vendor that is just right for you.

Check out the series and then get in touch.