Lemon Jack Weed Strain Review

(from Kiona and Theorum, Kenmore)


We picked up an eighth of an ounce of Lemon Jack by Kiona, when the Theorum Recreational Cannabis shop was running a 20% off sale.

This cannabis is a cross of Jack Herer and one of many 'Lemon' strains. Check out the review.

From the Kionathc.com site:

'A new take on an old theme, our Lemon Jack is a unique NL90 Haze hybrid that delivers the best of both indica and sativa genetics. But unlike so many of today’s poly-hybrids, she’s a classic BX1, bringing together a highly esteemed heirloom 80’s selection of indica heavyweight Northern Lights, and a classic Pure Haze, a vintage American strain bred of landrace sativas in the 60’s. These long divergent origins combine to deliver a vibrant balance of strong clearheaded psychoactive effects, with the potency and body high one expects from a Northern Lights. She’s a great anytime smoke and produces copious lemon and hash scented perfume.'