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MJ BizCon 2018 - Las Vegas


We had a great time at Mj BizCon in Las Vegas.

From our interviews with Skunk Magazine to walking the trade show floor, it was a series of back-to-back packed days and adventurous nights.

Willie’s Reserve didn’t disappoint with a party unlike any other.

The details are below.

(photos from the event courtesy Marijuana Business Daily)

MJ BizCon 2018 Las Vegas.jpg

It happens in Vegas…


On November 13, 2018 I flew to Las Vegas to attend the MJBizCon hosted by MJBizDaily.

In this video we meet Karen from and check out some 3 year old hash from #FarmerTomLauerman's farm. We talk with Dave from Colorado Bob's Chewing Gum (THC and CBD infused) which is taking part in a study of 30,000 veterans to see how THC and CBD are helping veterans and others, deal with PTSD.

Additionally, David from Colorado Bob's shared his story of how cannabis saved and enriched his life and quality of living. We finish up chatting with Mara the 'bag lady' from Abscent Design and smell proof luggage.  


Angela Baca, and more….


This video primarily consists of myself, our friend Angela Baca (cannabis activist, editor and author) and Karen from having a wide ranging conversation outside of the MJBizCon2018 show.

We touched on social media and weed, smoking etiquette (pass to the left), hemp healing the planet, paying it forward, Buddy Dolls, Canna kids including Brave Mikaela, childhood autism, putting more kief on it; cannabis tax money; community vs. industry...and we end with some brief footage from the 4th Annual Jack Herer Cup and a few kieffy joints. Cheers, enjoy.


Skunk Magazine’s Julie Chiarriello


Skunk Magazine is back, in a new, quarterly format and is on the search for content creators who embrace cannabis culture and seek to share that love and knowledge with the world, in, as Julie calls it, The Green Renaissance. We had a wide ranging conversation on this and other topics and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately no smoking was allowed.


Willie’s Reserve Party: Jay Gets a Tattoo


After the first day of the MJBizCon I was invited to the Willie's Reserve 'after party' and had a blast.

We met up with Cliff from Cliff's Airbrushing, who was airbrushing a portrait of Willie Nelson; We chatted with Sarara from Undoo, a new product that helps reduce that 'I'm too high' feeling in cannabis users who have pushed their personal cannabinoid limits to the edge: a cannidote as it were.

There was a CBD infused chocolate fountain, folks sewing patches on various articles of clothing. There was a Willie's Reserve bud and bong bar where you could bowl up or get some nice joints rolled for you.

And at the very far reaches of the party, there was a pop up tattoo studio where two artists were putting tattoo flash pieces on guests who wanted. Guess what I did? Yep, more ink. Check it out.


CannaNewsWire “Wake and Bake Showcase” Event


We talk to representatives from Dixie Elixers, Brand Newe Lotions, Double Barrel Vaporizers, The Peak Beyond, Verano Brands, Ignite Brands, and VDAB vaporizers.


We had a blast. 


All in all, this was a great trip. What happens in Vegas tends to stay in Vegas, unless you attend one amazing event and end it with a free tattoo at a party.

We’ll keep bringing you “On Location” videos as we explore an industry that continues to grow.

MJ BizCon 2018 Las Vegas 03.jpg